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Hovsep Malakyan noted

Best Chinese restaurant in Paris

Kelcy Li noted

(Translated by Google) An authentic restaurant run by Shanghainese, with a very hometown feel (Original) 正宗上海人開的餐廳,很有家鄉的味道

kung shine noted

(Translated by Google) This Shanghai restaurant is really eye-catching🤩🤩🤩 I originally wanted to have vegetable rice, but unfortunately it was no longer available. I ordered Cantonese fried rice instead. It seemed to be just a combination of diced sausages, beans, eggs, and white rice, but the combination of the chef's heat and the overall taste really made me want to bring two more portions. go home! In addition, the shepherd's purse wontons are also very, very delicious. The soup is refreshing but rich in layers. The wontons are also very delicious and the portions are full, making people want to take one bite after another! Finally, there is the sweet and sour pork. Each bite is just the right size, so you won’t get tired of it even if you eat it. There are also green peppers, bell peppers and pineapples. It goes well with just plain rice~ Highly recommended to those who want to eat some oriental dishes in Paris, it would be a pity to miss it ~ (Original) 這家上海餐館真的是讓人眼睛一亮🤩🤩🤩 原本想吃菜飯,可惜當下沒有了,改點廣東炒飯,看似只有香腸丁、豆子、雞蛋、白飯的組合,但是師傅的火候與整體的味道搭配,實在是讓人想要多帶兩份回家! 除此之外,薺菜餛飩也是非常非常好吃,湯頭清爽,但層次豐富,餛飩也是十分好吃,份量十足,讓人想要一口接一口! 最後就是咕咾肉,每口大小剛剛好,吃多也不會膩口,還有青椒、甜椒跟鳳梨,單純搭配白飯也非常下飯~ 非常推薦到巴黎想要吃點東方菜色的夥伴們,錯過可惜呀~

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  • Mon - Fri : 11h45-14h45, 18h30-22h30
  • Sat: 11h45-15h, 18h30-22h45
  • Sun: 11h45-15h, 18h30-22h30
  • Opens at 11:45

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