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Hovsep Malakyan noted on Google

Best Chinese restaurant in Paris

2 months ago
Kelcy Li noted on Google

(Translated by Google) An authentic restaurant run by Shanghainese, with a very hometown feel (Original) 正宗上海人開的餐廳,很有家鄉的味道

2 months ago
kung shine noted on Google

(Translated by Google) This Shanghai restaurant is really eye-catching🤩🤩🤩 I originally wanted to have vegetable rice, but unfortunately it was no longer available. I ordered Cantonese fried rice instead. It seemed to be just a combination of diced sausages, beans, eggs, and white rice, but the combination of the chef's heat and the overall taste really made me want to bring two more portions. go home! In addition, the shepherd's purse wontons are also very, very delicious. The soup is refreshing but rich in layers. The wontons are also very delicious and the portions are full, making people want to take one bite after another! Finally, there is the sweet and sour pork. Each bite is just the right size, so you won’t get tired of it even if you eat it. There are also green peppers, bell peppers and pineapples. It goes well with just plain rice~ Highly recommended to those who want to eat some oriental dishes in Paris, it would be a pity to miss it ~ (Original) 這家上海餐館真的是讓人眼睛一亮🤩🤩🤩 原本想吃菜飯,可惜當下沒有了,改點廣東炒飯,看似只有香腸丁、豆子、雞蛋、白飯的組合,但是師傅的火候與整體的味道搭配,實在是讓人想要多帶兩份回家! 除此之外,薺菜餛飩也是非常非常好吃,湯頭清爽,但層次豐富,餛飩也是十分好吃,份量十足,讓人想要一口接一口! 最後就是咕咾肉,每口大小剛剛好,吃多也不會膩口,還有青椒、甜椒跟鳳梨,單純搭配白飯也非常下飯~ 非常推薦到巴黎想要吃點東方菜色的夥伴們,錯過可惜呀~

2 months ago
Zixin Zhou noted on Google

Really traditional Chinese flavor, tasty!!

2 months ago
HUANG ERIC (ERIC) noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Let me tell you, the fried rice in this restaurant is top-notch delicious even in China. Plus delicious restaurants in China (Original) 告訴各位,這家店的炒飯即便在中國都是頂級的好吃 Plus savoureux que de nombreux restaurants en Chine

2 months ago
Eléanore Lauga noted on Google

3 months ago
Valérie Moysan noted on Google

(Translated by Google) A real treat. Choice, authentic cuisine for a lovely culinary journey! Everything was really delicious! We'll come back! (Original) Un vrai régal. Du choix, une cuisine authentique pour un joli voyage culinaire ! Tout était vraiment délicieux ! On reviendra !

3 months ago
Y. YIN noted on Google

(Translated by Google) I had never noticed that a Shanghai restaurant had opened so close to me before. The food tastes like home cooking, and the owner seems to be very proud of his own cuisine. The shepherd's purse wontons are very authentic, and the ingredients in the wonton soup are unambiguous at all: egg skin, seaweed and shrimp skin are all there; the fermented fermented pork is a must-have, I will try the smoked fish next time; the shredded wild rice chicken is very tender and fresh, but not oily. A bit much; the flavor of the louver buns in the fried tofu louver bun noodle soup is particularly authentic, and the texture and umami of the meat filling are close to the taste of a time-honored restaurant in Shanghai. It would be better if the boss made it in double batches, because it is right The fried tofu is really tasteless; the dim sum that I don’t recommend is the fried tofu, which is tough and doughy, like fried dumplings. It has nothing to do with the Shanghai fried tofu, but it’s better than nothing. The environment is clean, but the taste in music is confusing. The overall experience is still very good, and there may not be another Shanghai hotel in Paris that is opened by Shanghainese. It can satisfy your appetite at any time. (Original) 之前都没有留意到这么近的地方开了一家上海餐馆。 菜是家常味道,老板似乎也对自家的料理很自豪的样子。荠菜馄饨很正宗,而且馄饨汤里的配料一点不含糊: 蛋皮紫菜和虾皮都有了;乳腐肉可以说是一绝,下次要尝尝熏鱼;茭白鸡丝很嫩很鲜,不过油有点多;油豆腐百叶包线粉汤里的百叶包的味道特别正宗,肉馅的口感和鲜味接近上海某家老字号的味道了,如果老板家做的是双档就更好了,因为对油豆腐实在无感; 点心里面不太推荐的是生煎,死面皮,像是用小笼包煎的,和上海生煎没有什么关系,但是聊胜于无吧。 环境很干净,但是音乐的品味很让人迷惑。 总体体验还是很好的,而且巴黎可能真的找不到第二家上海人开的上海饭店了,可以随时解决口腹的nostalgie。

3 months ago
Anne Roman Clément noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Good food, very warm welcome and fast service. Good advice. Good value for money. (Original) Bonne cuisine, très bon accueil et service rapide. De bons conseils. Bon rapport qualité prix.

3 months ago
Яна Костюк noted on Google

3 months ago

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