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Shelman RM noted on Google

(Translated by Google) One of the best traditional Chinese foods in Paris. Everything delicious and the service impeccable. (Original) De las mejores comidas chinas tradicionales en París. Todo delicioso y el servicio impecable.

5 months ago
ming ding noted on Google

(Translated by Google) On the way back to the hotel from the Louvre with the children, the weather turned cold, so I said we should go in when we saw a Chinese restaurant. When we looked up, we saw Fuxing, which means auspiciousness and joy in Chinese characters, so we entered decisively. Before the business started, the lady boss said that you should sit down and wait for more than ten minutes. It's cold outside. With that warm feeling, I looked carefully at the store, which perfectly integrated Chinese culture and the boss's own pursuit. The walls are covered with some key words of life, cherish time, work hard, read, be active... I ordered casserole wonton stew, shepherd's purse wonton stew, wonton noodles, Peking duck and hand-shredded cabbage. The wonton stew is hand-wrapped and delicious. ! On such a cold day, it feels satisfying to eat a bowl of wonton stew with warm soup and hot stuffing. The hand-shredded cabbage is also crispy, and the Peking duck is more French, but it tastes good. The landlady is very enthusiastic and the staff is also very friendly. I wish you a prosperous business! (Original) 带孩子们从卢浮宫走回酒店的路上,天气冷下来,我说咱们看到一家中餐馆就进去,结果一抬头就是富兴,中国字的吉祥喜庆,果断进入。还没开始营业,老板娘说你们坐下等十多分钟吧,外边冷。那种暖暖的感觉,我仔细打量着店,把中国文化和老板自身的追求融合得淋漓尽致。满墙都是人生的一些关键词,惜时、努力、读书、积极…点了砂锅馄炖、荠菜馄炖、云吞面,北京烤鸭和手撕包菜,馄炖是手包的,很好吃!这么冷的天,吃一碗暖汤热馅的馄炖,满足的感觉。手撕包菜也脆生,北京烤鸭就是法国本地特色多一些吧,但味道也不错的。老板娘很热情,工作人员也很友好,祝你们生意兴隆!

5 months ago
Stephane Jaffrezic noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Just like at home, fresh cuisine, very warm welcome! (Original) Comme à la maison , cuisine fraîche, accueil très chaleureux !

6 months ago
Tiberiu Amarandei noted on Google

6 months ago
Gaedig Chanard noted on Google

6 months ago
Lincen Yang noted on Google

(Translated by Google) The mustard greens are absolutely delicious, fragrant and fresh, just like the taste at home! ! The braised pork is also good! (Original) 芥菜混沌绝了,又香又鲜,像家里的味道!! 红烧肉也不错!

6 months ago
Qian Xu noted on Google

(Translated by Google) The most authentic shepherd’s purse ravioli I’ve ever had in Paris! I accidentally watched a video and saw that his house had large wontons stuffed with shepherd’s purse and pork fillings, so I came here to eat them (shepherd’s purse wontons were often made at home when I was a kid, because the dialect sounds like it means gathering wealth, which means good things). Unexpectedly, the taste did not disappoint me at all. , it feels very much like the big stuffed wontons made by my mother in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. Their specialty Shanghai cuisine is also really good, the price is reasonable, the taste is light, the ingredients are very fresh, and you won't have the greasy taste of restaurant dishes in your mouth after eating it. The proprietress is also very enthusiastic and is from Shanghai. It can be seen that she really wants to make delicious Shanghainese food. (Original) 在巴黎吃到的最正宗的荠菜馄饨!是无意间刷视频看到他家有荠菜猪肉馅儿的大馄饨,特意过来吃的(小时候家里会经常包荠菜馄,因为方言听着像聚财寓意好),想不到味道一点也让我没失望,很有江浙沪家里妈妈包的大馅儿馄饨的感觉。他们家的特色上海菜也真的很不错呢,价格也合理,口味清淡,食材也很新鲜,吃完嘴里不会有那种馆子菜的油腻味。老板娘也很热情,上海人,看得出来她是真的很想做好吃的上海菜。

6 months ago
Beta Alfred (Fritz) noted on Google

6 months ago
Val noted on Google

(Translated by Google) The food is good, the prices are fair although a little expensive. The problem might be the quantity, the food is delicious but more quantity of food on the plate would not be too much. For example a chicken dish where there is far too little chicken. (Original) La cuisine est bonne, les prix sont corrects bien qu'un peu cher. Le problème serait peut être la quantité, la nourriture est délicieuse mais plus de quantité de nourriture dans l'assiette ne serait pas en trop. Par exemple un plat de poulet où il y a bien trop peu de poulet.

6 months ago
Marina CRESCENZIO noted on Google

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