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Laurent Loh noted on Google

(Translated by Google) I highly recommend the Shanghainese cuisine here. I ordered a Sixi grilled bran, a pan-fried bun, a wild rice shredded chicken, and a shepherd's purse and fresh meat wontons. The roasted bran has good toughness and is soft and delicious after absorbing the soup. The mushroom slices and coriander are also not sloppy; the pan-fried bun is stuffed with green onion, which is very juicy. The skin of the bun is moderately soft and hard, and the burnt aroma is delicious. It is so delicious that I forgot to take a photo, and there is a lot of chopped green onion. ; The shredded wild rice chicken is fresh and smooth, it should have been thickened, and the wild rice is fresh, crispy and tender; finally, I ate the fresh meat and shepherd's purse wontons. Halfway through, I only thought of taking pictures. The meat filling is fresh and the wonton skins are springy. It cannot be compared to quick freezing. Okay, I just advertised it. It is delicious and the lady boss is very nice and kind. (Original) 非常推荐这里的上海菜,点了一个四喜烤麸,一个生煎包,一个茭白鸡丝,一份荠菜鲜肉馄饨。烤麸韧性好,吸满汤汁后柔软鲜美,香菇片、香菜是一样不马虎;生煎包大葱馅,汁水很多,包子皮软硬适中,焦香可口,好吃得忘记拍照,葱花撒很多;茭白鸡丝鸡肉鲜滑,应该是勾芡过,茭白新鲜爽口脆嫩;最后吃鲜肉荠菜馄饨,到一半,才想起拍照,肉馅新鲜,馄饨皮Q弹,不是速冻能比的。好吧,我就是打广告了,是很好吃,老板娘人很好,很亲切。

8 months ago
Yang QIAO noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Yesterday, I brought two friends to Fuxing to eat hometown dishes during the Mid-Autumn Festival. The landlady also gave me mooncakes. I brought other friends to eat tonight. , smoked fish, spring rolls, grilled bran, wild rice noodles, pan-fried vegetables, and vermicelli soup are all the taste of hometown, I will come here often! (Original) Les plats de Fou Xing sont les mêmes que ceux que j’ai mangés à Shanghai pendant 20 ans ! 昨天中秋带两个朋友来富兴吃了家乡菜,老板娘还送了月饼,今晚又带了其他朋友来吃,熏鱼,春卷,烤麸,茭白,生煎,粉丝汤都是家乡的味道,会常来!

8 months ago
J C noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Delicious and enough portion (Original) 好吃,份量夠

8 months ago
jean-yves petit noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Sad but delicious (Original) Triste mais délicieux

8 months ago
Shengjie ZHOU noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Very authentic Shanghai cuisine (Original) 非常正宗的上海菜

9 months ago
Michel Coulombe noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Good food, good choice, fast service (Original) Bonne nourriture, bon choix, service rapide

9 months ago
Gilles Fg noted on Google

10 months ago
Inesa Vasiliauskytė noted on Google

10 months ago
Diane Tsai noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Both the spicy chicken and the chicken noodle soup are delicious. It took a few bites before I remembered to take a photo. The actual product is slightly larger than the photo. (Original) 辣子鸡和鸡肉汤面味道都不错,吃了几口才想起来拍照,实物比照片份量稍多一点

10 months ago
Maria Papapetrou noted on Google

Great food and very clean with a nice atmosphere and helpful staff!

10 months ago

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